Horizontal Machining Centers

All Dalian horizontal machining centers are exceptionally robust and incorporate a host of features including multi pallet options to provide long-term high performance service.

Vertical Machining Centers

Dalian vertical machining centers are available with a vast array of standard and optional features, a large choice of capacities, and very competitive pricing, thus ensuring a machine ideally-suited to your specific needs.

Flat Bed CNC Lathes

The Dalian range of flat bed CNC lathes has been designed to handle a wide range of turning applications - including long shaft, taper turning, thread cutting, face plate work and much more.

Slant Bed CNC Lathes

The Dalian CNC slant bed lathes are built with a rigid, heavy duty, cast-iron structure to guarantee high precision and stability. They have a wide range of options and accessories that allow the machines to be customized for your specific turning requirements.

CNC Turning Centers

The Dalian CNC turning centers are capable of achieving exceptional rigidity, vibration absorption, and stiffness for the highest accuracy requirements. They also deliver particularly high torque at low spindle speeds.

Gap Bed Lathes

The Dalian gap bed lathes are highly-equipped and quality-built to suit all turning requirements. They will give you exceptional ease of use and the wide range of standard equipment available will give you top of the range performance for even the most challenging jobs.